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Grant stakeholders access to VidMob’s creative data for any connected ad account.

Once you have connected an ad account to VidMob, you can share access to that ad account’s Creative Insights on VidMob with other team members. This will allow your team members and other stakeholders to analyze this ad account’s creative performance both in the Dashboard and throughout Creative Intelligence.

To share access to Creative Insights for a connected ad account, head over to your Profile, then click the Integrations tab.

From Integrations, select which ad platform’s Creative Insights you want to share. In the modal that pops up, click the Manage Access tab. From here, click the “Share Access” button under the Share Access to Your Ad Accounts section, or click the “Share” icon (represented by an avatar with a plus sign) in the upper right corner.

Next, invite your team member’s and assign roles to the platform ad accounts you’d like to grant Creative Insights access to:

  1. Insert the email address(es) of those you would like to share access to

  2. Select a role for those users you are sharing access to

  3. Select the ad account(s) that you would like your team member’s to have Creative Insights access to

Once you click “Share,” you’re all set! As soon as the team members you listed log into, they will be able to see that ad account’s creative data in Creative Intelligence. If the user does not have a VidMob account yet, they will first receive an invitation to create an account, and then will have access as soon as they log in.

Once you are given access to an ad account’s Creative Insights under the Share Access role, you will also be able to see and use the sharing features explained above.