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While the view defaults to the Objective Comparison Report, you can easily switch to a different tab and view another report.

In any report, customize your preferred view by KPI, Element, or Length and by date range.

Data points shaded green will show you which elements or lengths performed above average for the selected KPI, and the ones in red indicate those that performed below average. Note that only data points that are statistically significant will appear in green or red.

Looking at a statistically significant results allows you to say that a specific element was driving a meaningful difference in your key KPI.

Looking to view results for only a few elements? Check the ones you’d like to keep in view and filter out the rest. To return to viewing all elements, simply remove the filter.

Looking to group KPI results across a series of different elements? Check the elements you'd like to group together, and use the "Create Custom Tag" option in the menu available in the bottom right. Any custom tags will show in the Comparison Reports as a new tag, with a unique color.

You can also filter results by media type, placement, and buying objective to ensure your analysis is aligned with brand goals.