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Now that you’ve taken a look at your new draft, it’s time to leave feedback for your VidMob Creator. Getting timely feedback as early as possible helps keep things on the fast track—especially with projects that have many stakeholders. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Using the Feedback tool, which is fixed in the right-hand panel of Draft Review, begin by entering your comment directly into the text field.

  2. As you start typing, the video will pause, allowing you to leave feedback that directly correlates with that specific moment in the video—all while you watch in real time.

  3. Once you hit “Post” to publish your comment, the video will resume playing. If you’d prefer to leave a more general comment for the entire draft, simply uncheck the timestamp box before hitting “Post.”

You’ll also notice that you or your Project Team’s feedback appears alongside a profile photo and username, so it’s easy to keep track of who said what.

To respond to team feedback, you can also reply directly in a thread and tag important stakeholders that require special attention.