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Sometimes, when feedback is in response to high-level themes or creative execution, you’ll need the ability to easily leave a comment across multiple drafts.

  1. To leave feedback across the latest drafts in a group or entire project, begin typing your comment as you normally would. It can be on any of the drafts within the group or project you’re addressing.

  2. Then, before hitting “Post,” tap the caret to select which level of feedback you’d like to leave. Remember that the default setting for feedback is Output Only. This will leave a comment on the latest draft for the single output you are viewing. To leave feedback on the latest drafts for all outputs within a Hero, select Output Group. These comments will be flagged in blue. Or provide feedback on all the latest drafts in your project by selecting All Outputs in Project. These comments will be flagged in red.

  3. Once you hit post, feedback will appear on the top of your feed, across all drafts for the outputs you’ve specified.