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Creative Manager displays all the creative in your ad account from the past two years, providing a high-level overview of media performance. It’s also an entryway to the Watch and Decay Dashboards, as well as the Creative Grouping tool.

The default view shows data from the past year, across all campaigns, and against a View Through to 25% KPI—but you can customize based on what you’d like to learn.

Ads are marked based on how successful each ad performed against the selected KPI, relative to each other. Green indicates top performers, red shows low performers.
These markers are also great for monitoring active campaigns to know which ads might need immediate attention.

Drill down even further with the Filters to understand creative performance across media type, buying objective, or placement type for that particular KPI and time period. The number of filters selected will show in red as a reminder that filters are applied to the data.

Need to check in on your other ad accounts? Simply select the account you’d like to view in Creative Manager from the drop-down and the page will refresh to that account.