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Keep your project files under one roof by storing them in the Assets tab of your active projects—where they’ll be easy for you, your team, and your VidMob Creator to access in a pinch.

Adding Assets

To start, simply drag and drop the files you’d like to add to your project directly from your desktop.

You can also manually select files from your hard drive or other cloud accounts—like G.Drive, DropBox, or even your Facebook Page—by selecting “Add Assets” and choosing an account from the drop-down.

Need to add files from one of your previous VidMob projects? You can do that here, too.

Once your files start uploading, a progress bar will appear, letting you know when your file upload is complete.

Friendly tip: It’s important that you keep this browser open until your files have finished uploading to 100%. Otherwise, the upload will stall.

Managing Assets

To preview your files or navigate within a folder, simply double-click. Alternatively, single-clicking will allow you to select the files and folders you’d like to organize or delete.

To organize files:

First, single-click the file(s) you want to organize. When the file is highlighted in blue and a checkmark appears in the top left corner, it’s ready to relocate.

To delete a file, click the “Trash” icon—it will appear only after you have selected file(s) to relocate and is easily recognizable as the small trashcan located in the top-right nav.

To move a file, click the “Move” icon—it, too, will only appear after you have selected file(s) and can be identified as the small folder with an arrow located to the left of the “Trash” icon.

After you select “Move,” be sure to choose a destination folder for your files from the pop-up modal and click “Add” to complete the move.

Organizing Read-Only Folders

You'll notice that the Asset Locker and Stock Library folders are both Read-Only. This means they cannot be relocated or have files relocated to them. This is because the content within these folders is either pre-determined by Admins on your account (Asset Locker) or are default offerings provided by VidMob (Stock Library). Just like any other folder, however, you can access the files in these folders simply by double-clicking.

Looking for more ways to get the most out of Assets?

Check out this article for our organization ideas and this article for tips on selecting the best assets for your project.