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The Watch Dashboard reveals which creative elements in your video are impacting viewer retention. To access the Watch Dashboard, click on a video from your ad account that you’d like to learn more about.

From here, you can see a list of the elements in your video and when they appear, alongside the precise moment that viewers begin to lose interest—just follow the red cursor!

If you want to focus on only a subset of creative elements, you can filter them out to simplify your view.

If you want to preview your data during a specific timeframe, such as before or after an optimization, simply adjust the dates.

You can also use the Filters if you want to compare how the video performed in different placements or for different objectives. Or, if you’re curious about how your ad performs against certain demographics, you can compare those results here, too.

Once you’ve got your filters in a good place, you can toggle between two metrics to track viewer retention against these elements.

  1. Viewer Percentage, which shows you what percentage of people are still watching at any given point in the video,

  2. Drop-Off Rate, which shows you what percentage of people have dropped off at any given point in the video.

Easily see how well your ad is performing against your account average by comparing the blue line (your ad) against the red line (your account average). And for good measure, we’ve also dropped you a quick stat here to spell out how your ad is doing.